Teacher Directory

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Classroom, ENL, and Cluster Teachers



Ms. Werner (Dual Language)

Ms. Klein (General Education)

Ms. Agosto & Ms. Delgado (Integrated Co-Teaching)

Ms. Charles (K/1 Bridge Self-Contained)

1st Grade

Ms. Lora & Ms. Acevedo (Integrated Co-Teaching)

Ms. Peguero (General Education)

Ms. Sosa (Integrated Co-Teaching)

2nd Grade

Ms. Johnson (General Education)

Ms. Zavala (Dual Language)

Ms. Farrell & Ms. Adeniji (Integrated Co-Teaching)

Ms. Diaz (General Education)

Ms. Reyes - (2nd/3rd Bridge/Self-Contained)

3rd Grade

Ms. Almache (Dual Language)

Mr. DeCotis & Ms. Lu (Integrated Co-Teaching)

Ms. Ayala (General Education)

4th Grade

Ms. Kang (General Education)

Ms. Bedford (General Education)

Ms. Bradshaw & Ms. Bryan (Integrated Co-Teaching)

5th Grade

Ms. Hardie & Ms. Ceballos (Integrated Co-Teaching)

Ms. Scarpulla & Ms. DelVecchio (Integrated Co-Teaching)

Ms. Isaza (General Education)

Ms. Marcelo (4th/5th Bridge/Bilingual)

Ms. Vasquez (Self-Contained)

ENL Teachers

Ms. Bien-Aime (Kindergarten and Grade 1)

Ms. Bernal (Grades 2 and 3)

Ms. Badal (Grades 4 and 5)

Cluster Teachers

Ms. Chung (Movement)

Ms. Cordova (Visual Art)

Mr. Diasparra (Physical Education)

Mr. Pink (Physical Education)

Ms. Rosado (Science)